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Unlock password-encrypted PDF file fast and easy

Did the password to your PDF document slip your mind? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our PDF unlocking application strips your locked file of its encryption in seconds. With the passcode problem out of your way, you can access your file without restrictions.

High success rate

We take pride in our product because it unlocks most password encrypted PDF files. Even if you have strongly encrypted files, it's fine to provide the passcode if you still remember it. However, we don't make it mandatory to have them, our tool will still attempt to unlock the documents.

Hassle-free unlocking of encrypted files

Our program enables you to recover password-protected PDFs in seconds. You don’t need to register with us to use this tool. Moreover, you can access it anywhere, anytime through your mobile device as long as you have an internet connection.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Our online Unlock PDF tool is painless to use. Like the rest of our PDF editing tools, you will only need a modern browser on your personal computer or mobile device. Make sure that the device is connected to the internet and open our website.

    Navigate to our tools section to reveal a list of all our PDF editing applications. Click on “Unlock PDF” to our online application for unlocking PDF files. The page comes with a working area that has clickable buttons.

    If you click anywhere on the workspace, you will activate the file explorer, which allows you to browse your device for the locked file. There is the option to obtain the source file from a URL, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

    If your file is hosted on a website, click the “URL” text. A text box will appear where you will paste the address of the target file.

    Our online tool will load the file and prompt you to declare that you own rights to the source file and by opening it, you are not breaching any law. Enter the passcode to render the document open. The Software will then unlock PDF file and allow you to download it.

  • It's convenient to use our PDF unlocker tool to bypass the password requirement on your document and edit it. This process is not different from the regular steps you follow when removing security codes from PDF files. Begin by adding the locked file to our online tool. Confirm that you own the rights to unlock it.

    Our tool will attempt to strike the password from the file. In the case of simple encryptions, our system will unlock PDF file password. However, for strong encryptions, the tool will ask you to input the security code for the file.

    Once you insert the password, the tool will strip the encryption for the file and open it in preview. You can now download the decrypted.

    The software also provides you with multiple options to edit the PDF file. For instance, you can convert the unlocked PDF file to a Word document, JPG format, split or compress it depending on your needs.

  • You don’t have to worry about the operating system of your device because our free online PDF unlocker supports all PC platforms. These include Linux, Mac OS, and Windows. You only need to install a modern browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Opera, and your system is ready to use our application.

    You can also access our application through mobile browsers. This feature gives you the freedom to use our tool on the go. The good news is that our software runs on cloud servers and does not rely on your device resources. Therefore, your user experience of our web-based tool will not be affected by the type of operating system running on your device.

  • 100% free. You do not subscribe to a paid plan to use our tool. Simply open our website, select the tool you want to use, upload your document and unlock it. It is easy as that. However, our free plan allows you to strip passwords from a few secured documents.

  • We understand your concerns about the security of your encrypted files. For starters, we know that most encrypted documents contain sensitive data. For this reason, we ensure your data flows securely from your device to our servers and vice versa. To achieve this, we use 256-bit SSL certificate encryption to ensure that data is not available to third parties.

    We also don’t save your passwords or documents to minimize the chances of data leakage. We delete all files that you uploaded to our servers after one hour of processing. Therefore, make sure you download your unlocked file within this timeframe.