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Our online PDF to Excel converter software allows you to convert your PDF files to MS Excel and analyze it on the move. The app groups your data as it appears on the source PDF and exports it to create an Excel file.

OCR enabled

It's easy to obtain data from PDF scans thanks to our service Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature. It instantly reads and extracts texts and any figures on the PDF scan and modifies them to editable xls or xlsx files.

Frequently asked Questions

  • If you have spreadsheet data saved as a PDF document, use our online PDF to Excel converter to transform it to a .xls or .xlsx file. Just follow the instructions below:

    • Open the PDF to Excel converter. The page has an option to upload your document either from your PC or mobile device.
    • Search through your document source and press the “Open” option to upload the specific file to the PDF to Excel online converter. Open the file on another window and drag it to the application’s drop zone.
    • Now, our service begins to scan your document and will convert its contents into an excel file. By any chance your source file is a scanned PDF, you can relax since the tool will automatically activate its Optical Character Recognition (OCR) feature and read data from the source file.
    • Use the application's settings to improve or modify your output file to match your needs. For instance, fine-tune the OCR settings by selecting the language of the original document. You could also set the application to output the final file as an image or editable excel file.
    • When the PDF to Excel converter completes converting the file, it will automatically download the new file and save it to your device. You can sample it and confirm whether all the information is available. Typically, the tool will try to group the information contained in the original document to form spreadsheets.
  • If you want to convert scanned PDF to editable Excel in mobile (Android or iOS), you will follow a similar process to when using the PDF to Excel converter on PC. The site is optimized to integrate seamlessly with mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, or tablets. However, you still require a mobile browser installed on your device for you to load the online application.

    Launch the online PDF to Excel file converter tool and select your source file. Specify the format of the output file and start the process.

    After you are through converting, download the file. The beauty of using this tool on a mobile device is that you get the flexibility of modifying your files on the move.

  • Yes. Convert PDF to Excel spreadsheet for free, fast, and without creating a user account on the platform.

  • Our online PDF file to Excel spreadsheet converter app is compatible with various operating systems, such as Mac OS, and Linux for PC. It also supports mobile platforms such as Android and iOS for Apple hand-held gadgets. Therefore, it won't matter what computer or portable device you use, just find a stable internet service and you will access the online platform.

  • You will certainly love the quality of the files you obtain. The pdf to excel converter software has a high accuracy level in scanning files and transferring data, as it is to an MS Excel format of your choice. You can then insert formulas into the xls file for fast data analysis and computation.

    Moreover, the OCR feature allows the application to scan image sections of the file and extract text before converting it to editable data. It also groups related data for easier handling.

    Our PDF to xls converter app is your best bet when you need an app that can process many and extensive PDF files quickly with a high level of accuracy.