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How to split PDF online?

  1. 1Upload PDF File: Either drag and drop your PDF document onto the page or click “Choose File” to browse and select your file.
  2. 2Select Pages: View the preview and select the pages or range of pages you want to extract.
  3. 3Extract Pages: Click the “Split PDF” button to split the PDF file. Download your new files once the process is completed

Fast PDF split

Make single-page documents from your PDF file using our instant PDF splitter. It works fast and separates your PDF pages instantly. Just select choose the pages and our online tool will split pdf files online. Now you can save the pages as single files or combine them as one document.

Preview PDF file before splitting

You will not split pdf files online blindly or keep guessing what the final document will look like. This online Split PDF app enables you to see the output pages first before splitting.

Work with any platform

Our online PDF page splitter works with any modern browser on your device and we do not limit you to a particular operating system. Whether you prefer a machine powered by Linux or Mac OS, we have you covered. Even mobile devices running on Android and iOS will split PDF files using our online tool without any problems.

Frequently asked Questions

  • To split PDF file into multiple files online from your pc, launch a modern browser such as Safari, Edge, or Mozilla Firefox. Open our website and find the tools tab. The page displays all our PDF editing tools. Select our PDF splitter app and open it.

    Our application has a file drop section where you load your file. You can achieve this by simply dragging and dropping your document here. Another way is to browse your machine for the target file by clicking the “Choose File” option.

    When PDF Splitter is finished transferring the file, it will open a preview page from where you can view all pages of the file. This interface also allows you to split pdf pages into separate files.

    You can also select a page range to form one document. After choosing the sections, you wish to keep click the “Extract” button to split the PDF file online. At this point, you will see how the new file looks like.

    In case there are flaws in the pages, click the refresh button. The system will remove the file and allow you to re-start the process.

  • Yes, as long as the original file is multi-paged. You can split pdf into individual pages free with our online application. You do not need to open an account with us to use this service. All you need is to access our website via any browser.

    Launch our free PDF splitter on your device and upload your source file. The tool offers you several options such as splitting the document by page range, merging selected pages, and split pdf into separate pages.

    Pick the option to split the PDF file by single pages. Delete any pages you don't want to keep. Now select the rest of them and select the “Extract” button. Our software will split the document in seconds and allow you to download the output files.

    It is possible to use this software to sort related documents such as payment vouchers and group them for proper archiving. Moreover, if your document has some blank pages, you can delete them and remain with a clean file.

  • Yes. With our online PDF split tool, you can preview the file prior to separating the pages. When you load your file to our online tool, you will see all pages, sorted by page number. The pdf split and merge software allows you to zoom in on each page.

  • Our online PDF split and merge software is 100% safe. We take precautions to protect your data. For starters, we ensure your original files remain intact. Any changes that appear on the output files are not associated with the source document in any. Once the source file uploads, we work on a copy of the file and not the source document.

    Moreover, when we finish processing your file, we delete it permanently, including any pages that you discard. This way we ensure we do not save any of your work. Therefore, if you fail to download your file within this time, you will need to redo it.

    And we do not stop at that! Our servers use a 256-bit SSL encryption technology when communicating with client devices. This means that for every file you upload to our systems we encrypt and protect it against unauthorized access.