Online PDF Compression

Reduce PDF file size online without compromising on quality.

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How to compress PDF?

  1. 1Upload PDF File: Click on the "Choose file" button on the workspace or select an icon that corresponds to the online repository where your source is located.
  2. 2Specify Compression Settings: Adjust the settings to your preference for the compression process.
  3. 3Compress PDF File: Press the “Compress” button to start the compression. Once completed, download the compressed PDF file to your device.

Easily Compress PDF Files Online

Instantly compress your PDF documents online while retaining the original quality. Resolve file size issues effortlessly with our reliable service!

Customize Your File Quality

Tailor the quality of your compressed PDF file to meet your requirements (100, 300, 500 kb or more), making it perfect for email sharing or website hosting. Explore a variety of options with our intuitive application.

Cloud-Based Compression

The compression process is executed on our cloud servers, ensuring no strain on your PC’s processing power. Experience seamless online PDF compression without affecting your device's performance.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Our online compress PDF service comes in handy in helping you compact your files in an instant. To try it, visit our site and go to our tools page. Choose the Compress PDF app and it will open on a new web page.

    To use these options, click on the “Choose file” button on the workspace or select an icon that corresponds to the online repository where your source is located.

    Once you specify the document's compression settings, press the “Compress” button to complete the process. Our tool will compact the file in seconds and will offer your file for download.

    The high efficiency of our service gives you many benefits. For beginners, you can cut down the size of your files significantly and save on disk space. It also allows you to share large files on email with ease.

  • Our Compress PDF file online tool is lightning fast and can compress a huge document in seconds. This feature makes our tool the ideal pick for large projects.

    It doesn’t matter what platform you are using. Our software runs in the cloud and therefore it does not affect the speed of your computer.

    If you have a decent pc and high-speed internet, you can enjoy instant compression speeds. And the good news is that it doesn’t matter what platform is running on. As long as your PC can support an updated web browser, our application will run on your device perfectly.

  • Yes. Compress PDF for free and efficiently with our online PDF compression tool. It won't be necessary to register with us to access this tool. However, for you to experience more features of our tool, subscribe to our premium plan. It allows you access to more file settings depending on how you intend to use the output file.

    You can use our software to compress PDF on mobile too. We have optimized our online application to run flawlessly across all mobile devices

  • We have taken measures to ensure that this online PDF compression tool is 100% secure. We use up-to-date 256-bit SSL certificate encryption to protect all data you upload to our servers. This technology makes it impossible for unauthorized persons to access customer data on our platform. We also take the necessary steps to ensure that we adopt the latest data encryption technology to avoid incidents of data leakage.

    We don’t edit your original document. Only a copy of the file is uploaded to our servers. This is the copy that the tool uses to compact your data. Therefore, your content remains intact and useful for other purposes.

    Moreover, we don’t save your files on any of our servers. Once you download your compressed files, we will have any remains wiped out of our servers.