Rotate PDF pages online

Rotate and save scanned PDF files online without registration

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How to rotate PDF?

  1. 1Upload PDF File: Navigate to the location of your PDF file and upload it using the provided tool.
  2. 2Rotate Pages: Hover your cursor over each page to access rotation options. Click to rotate right or left as needed to achieve the desired orientation.
  3. 3Apply Changes: Once you've adjusted the orientation of all pages, click the “Rotate PDF” button to save your modifications and download the rotated PDF file.

Rotate PDF online

Working on a PDF file that is jumbled up, with some pages upside down and others facing sideways? We know how hard it is to work with such files, especially if it’s a long document. That’s why we have our online Rotate PDF service to help you out. It will help you scan through your document quickly and modify the orientation of individual pages.

Rotate PDF pages online

The beauty of our tool is that it enables you to make permanent changes to your document. Every rotation is saved permanently. And the same happens to every change you make on the document, such as merging or deleting pages on your source file.

Hassle-free PDF file rotation

Simply upload your source file on our online platform, edit your document, save changes, and download your output file.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Navigate to the location of your source file and upload it to our tool. It will be helpful if you have installed Acrobat Reader on your computer. With this software, it is easy to identify PDF files, especially if you are uploading the files from your PC.

    Our online PDF rotate tool will upload the file in a short time and you will be able to view the document in preview mode. If you hover your cursor over each page of the document, you get four options. These options are file enlargement, rotate right, rotate left, and delete.

    The file enlargement option allows you to see the page details better to understand its orientation. The Rotate options allow you to turn the page through 900 with every click. As you work on each defective PDF image rotate it until you achieve a uniform orientation for the entire file.

    Now click the “Apply Changes” button. The application will apply the changes permanently and allow you to download the output file.

  • If you are interested in altering the orientation of individual pages in a PDF file, upload the source document to our online tool. Hover your cursor over them to activate the editing options on each page. Our tool makes it possible for you to enlarge each page so that you can inspect and confirm its orientation before you rotate PDF pages.

    Press the “Apply Changes” button to effect the changes permanently on the file. Now the tool will save the changes and give the options to download the processed file.

  • Our PDF rotate software works on all mobile phones or tablets (Android and iOS). The application operates on mobile devices the same way it runs on computer platforms such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, and Mac OS. It only requires you to have a browser such as Google Chrome, Safari, or Mozilla Firefox, installed on your device to enable the application to run.

  • We take the security and privacy of our clients seriously. For this reason, we use 256 bit SSL encryption on all data that flows to our servers from client devices. This way, we ensure your files are not accessed by unauthorized individuals.

    Moreover, we have designed our application to delete all files permanently one hour after the conversion. We don’t store your files on our servers. Therefore, our operating model ensures prevents instances of data leakage. For more information on this matter, please read our privacy policy.