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How to convert PDF to Word?

  1. 1Upload PDF File: Either drag and drop your PDF document onto the page or click “Choose File” to browse and select your file.
  2. 2Convert to Word: Click the "Convert file" button. The tool will automatically convert your PDF to an editable Word document.
  3. 3Download Word File: Click the "Download" button to obtain your new Word file.

Smooth Conversion Experience

Transitioning from PDF to Word is a breeze with our online tool. Simply drag and drop your file, and our free PDF to Word converter will take care of the rest.

Utmost Security for Your Files

Your privacy is our priority. Rest assured, any file uploaded will be automatically deleted post conversion. Review our privacy policy for more assurance before uploading.

Instant PDF to DOC Transformation

It’s as straightforward as it gets. Our service is entirely free, making PDF management hassle-free. Give it a try, and have your DOC ready in an instant.

Frequently asked Questions

  • Using our service, modifying PDF to Word online has become an easy task. It won’t matter what the format of your PDFs is. Convert scanned PDF to Word efficiently using these straightforward steps:

    • Open the PDF to Word tool. When you visit our website, hover your mouse over the various tools available for editing the document. Find the PDF2Word option and click it. The site redirects to an open dialogue box where you perform PDF to Word modification.
    • Loading the File. Transfer PDF being modified to the open workspace. Browse through your folders and select the source file.
    • Convert the PDF file to a Word document. Our tool will begin to convert pdf to editable word online, processing the file instantly. In case you inserted an encrypted file, the software will ask you to input the password to unlock the file.

    • Accessing the output file. Press the “Download” button to obtain your new file. Now save or use it in whichever way you want.

      After converting the PDF to Word online, the files remain in our server temporarily. You may delete them before leaving the website. But don’t worry if you didn’t erase them. The system clears everything in the server just a few minutes after you exit the tool. We value your privacy and we’ve designed it to ensure none of your items overstay on our servers.

  • The conversion from PDF to editable word online in mobile is not very different from when converting via a personal computer. If you are using a mobile device, open your browser and go to our website. Next, opt for the online pdf to word editor. You’ll see a “Choose File” section. Select your file and choose between two options: .doc and .docx. Select preferred format and press “Download”.

    Now, if the PDF you intend to turn to Docx or Doc has scanned images, you should activate the OCR feature by selecting the “Convert with OCR” option. This way, the tool reads any texts and other content on your PDF.

  • It's free! Obtain an editable Word document from your PDFs fast and at no extra cost thanks to this online pdf to word file converter. It's not necessary to register or provide your email. Open our website and specify the file and set any specific options you want.

  • You can access our PDF to Word converter online via any operating system. Whether you prefer a handheld device such as a tablet or iPad, the tool is compatible with both Android and iOS systems. It’s also available on Linux, Mac, and computers running Windows.

    We have gone further to make the web-based application available in different versions. With all these options, this free PDF editor is your go-to solution when you want to convert any form of PDFs online.

  • We have taken measures to ensure that any document you export comes out looking just like the original. You will notice that we have additional settings to dictate how the Word document should appear.

    On these settings options, use the OCR function to extract text from scanned PDFs. You’ll obtain a file that you can edit from a scanned image. Also, press the “OCR method” to instruct the converter to use the same layout or specify whether the OCR should emphasize the text. Similarly, improve the quality of texts you get from OCR by selecting the “Improve OCR” option. This extracts your text in monochrome. There are other optional settings to compress, merge or improve the output’s image quality, size, and so forth.